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Stork Denies Crocodile In Spectacular Fashion

The crocodile didn't stand a chance! [embed][/embed]


Giant Gator Walks Across Florida Golf Course

Still not sure that dinosaurs existed? Look no further than alligators and crocodiles. Golfers are used to natural obstacles at


Fisherman Is Shocked And Terrified When Fishing Line Comes Up With Huge Teeth

Fisherman was Lance Burgos was kayak fishing with a friend on a swamp when they thought they caught something on their noodle line.


Log On Bike Path Is Not What It Seems

Bicyclist Gplnd was biking along a bike path when he noticed something up ahead on the path. Ugh, another jerk left a


Action Packed Bat Crocodile War Is Full Of Lasers And Explosions

Nature shows featuring animals battling in the wild can be exciting and dramatic. But these days, most viewers have been desensitized to


Alligator VS Truck Has Surprise Ending

The alligator has one of the most powerful jaws in the animal kingdom. Once they bite down on their prey


Snake Devours Crocodile

This creepy video published by Barcroft TV has gone viral with over 2 million views.   Author Tiffany Corlis at Lake Moondarra


Crocodile Pulls Warthog Into Waters As Hungry Jackals Watch

A single warthog was standing strong against a group of hungry jackals when a shock from the waters surprised both


Jaguar Attacks Crocodile

House cats are known to dislike the water, but National Geographic explains that the great jaguar doesn't seem to mind the wet


Three Legged Alligator Interrupts Zurich Classic Golf Competition

At the start of last weekend, the official PGA Tour YouTube channel published this video from the Zurich Classic golf competition. While players


Crocodile Jumps At Australian Swimmer Felix

This two week old video by Ulrik Bergsland has over 1.375 million views. While swimming on holiday in Australia, Swedish native Felix


Crocodile Bites Elephant’s Trunk While Drinking Water

This safari video published by  starts out like any other calm scene of nature. A family of elephants going for a