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Crow Rides Windshield Wipers

Scott Rogers posted this unique video back in 2013, but it has been trending now more than ever according to Jukin Video.


Smart Crow Opens Pizza Box

Crows are notorious as being some of the smartest animals in the wild kingdom. Alex Heschuk was hanging out at the park


Guy Catches Crow Sneaking Up On Him

Conor McCarthy was sitting outside enjoying the windy day when he noticed a crow behind him. But the thing was, whenever


Vegetarian Bear Saves Drowning Crow

Aleksander Medveš was visiting the Budapest Zoo when he witnessed a seemingly impossible moment. A crow was drowning in the watering


Smart Crow Asks People For Water

The crow is well known for being one of the smartest birds, perhaps one of the smartest animals in the


Smart Crow Solves Complex Puzzle

Crows are known for their intelligence, and have even been seen sledding using a plastic lid.  Now, the BBC has again shown


Crow Sleds Down Roof Using Plastic Lid

Russian YouTuber Reservations eyes posted this video over a year ago, but it has only exploded online now, and has garnered over


Woman Patiently Removes Quills From Raven

Iluvdodge9's mom has a certain way with animals. The Canadian farmer noticed a wild raven perched on their fence cawing for an


Crows Play On Snow Covered Cars

This video from two winters ago has only gone viral now, amassing over 125,000 views in just the past few days. Sergazo video-taped


Crow Calmly Walks Up To Man Sitting Outside, Adorably Sits On His Lap And Won’t Go Away

This video was published by WillowFox waaay back in 2008, but it has only gone viral now. Since this Spring the video


Crow Goes Snow Tubing Down Snowy Roof

As usual, this very strange, yet amazing video comes from mother Russia. A boy caught on camera what can only


Crows Takes Bath In Tub

A pet crow seems pretty cool when it acts like this dude. His owners put some water in the bath