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Guy Finds Loud Worker Outside His Luxury Cruise Window

When people drop thousands to go on a luxury cruise they know it's worth it for the manner you are pampered like royalty.…

Cruise Ship Plays The Intro For ‘Seven Nation Army’

The first few notes of Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes are some of the most iconic sounds in rock music.…

F***ing Cruise Ship

Greg Benson of Mediocre Films2 is lucky enough to be on a cruise to Hawaii with his girlfriend Kim. He is vlogging…

Self Leveling Pool Table On Cruise Ship

Cruise ships love to show off their outrageous amenities, but how do they offer billiard tables to their guest on the high…

Pacific Sun Cruise Liner Thrashed By Strong Waves

Not only is this dramatic, they add the Inception soundtrack. This cruise liner was on the high seas when the…



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