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Little Girl Is Adorably Upset After Hearing Adam Levine Got Married

Many young people have a celebrity crush. Little Mila simply loves pop music star Adam Levine from Maroon 5. But mom Veronica has


Conan Makes Bryce Dallas Howard Cry By Talking About Home Depot

Only the best actors are able to cry on demand. As a result, Hollywood often uses trick to make it


Dad Distracts Daughter Every Time She Cries

Toddlers often go through a stage of life where they cry over everything, even when the crisis doesn't warrant tears.


Dog Cries During Lion King

Just over the weekend, video of an adorable pug seemingly cheering at the end of Homeward Bound hit the viral


Boy Cries After Chicago Police Say They Won’t Use Stickers He Made For Contest

A young Chicago teen won a sticker contest to honor the men and women in uniform, but now the city


Baby Girl Is Terrified Of Whipped Cream

Super dad cookiez57 goes  all out for his adorable sixteen month old daughter. He gave her a slice of strawberry, and,


Boy’s Emotional Reunion With His Lost Cat

There are countless online videos of dog owners reuniting with their canines, and it's always an emotional scene. The people cry,


Disney Surprise Fail, Kids Would Rather Go To Chattanooga

Like so many other YouTuber parents, The Rlzeller0522 couple thought it would a fun idea to surprise their kids with a Disney


Baby Boy Cries Until Dad Plays Iron Maiden On Radio

Most little kids cry and whine until their parents play Sesame Street, or some other horrible counting tape in the


Crying Baby Likes Bob Marley

How do you soothe a crying, cranky baby? The same way you calm and soothe a grown up. Turn up


Little Boy Cries, Screams: “I Hate The Raiders, I Hate Football”

This kid is not happy with the performance of the Raiders last Sunday. He cries and screams, 'I hate the


Little Boy Bieber Fan Cries About Justin Bieber Haters

Why are little kids online, and then they wonder why they get trolled hardcore? Of course people are going to