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Tina Fey Impersonates Palin Endorsing Donald Trump

Saturday Night Live has been famous for decades for their hilarious impersonations of politicians and presidents. Without a doubt, one of the…

Prankster Calls C-Span With Fresh Prince Story

It's been done countless times before, but that doesn't make this prank any less funny. Prank callers love to pick on…

Mom Calls C-SPAN To Rebuke Her Debating Political Pundit Sons

Brothers Brad and Dallas Woodhouse are both interested in politics, but sit on the complete opposite sides of the aisle.…

Seth Rogen’s Opening Statement Before Senate Hearing On Alzheimer’s Disease

Seth Rogen is a popular Hollywood actor and comedian, but he put (most of) the jokes and giggles to the…

Man Calls Out Ex-Girlfriend For Cheating On CSPAN

After a boring 3 minutes, the man calls out his ex-girlfriend for claiming to be moral, but cheating on him…


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