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Twin Polar Bear Cubs In Chinese Aquarium

China maybe most famous for their adorable panda bears, but those aren't the only super cute and cuddly bears in…

Lion Cub Chirps While Trying To Roar

This video was uploaded in the summer, but just became a viral sensation this December with the help from being…

Orphaned Polar Bear Cub

Baby Siku is only a month old and his mother wasn't able to properly care for him, so the Scandinavian…

Baby Bear ‘Attacks’ Russian Backpackers

The first thing everyone tells you when you go camping is if you see a bear stay away and do…

Polar Bear Cub Plays With Huge Ice Cube At Zoo

For a baby Polar Bear, ice is your best friend. But if you live at The Alaska Zoo, and not the…

Bear Cub Plays In Bucket Of Water

Baby bear cubs like to go swimming. This little cub tries to take a dip in this tiny bucket of…



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