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This Is The Most Entertaining Sport Of The Year 2017, And It Involves A Lot Of Cars

The Russians are known to think out of the box regularly, and they prove this once again in this video.


Nature Show Narrator Sir David Attenborough Performs The Best Commentary Of Curling

You know that iconic voice that narrates most BBC nature shows? That is most likely the voice of English broadcaster


The Sounds Of Women’s Curling

If you thought the concept of curling was strange, just wait until you hear the 'sounds of curling.' The players


Andy Richter Goes Curling

As the Olympics are just around the corner, Conan O'Brian sent his right hand man Andy Richter to check out


Ron Burgundy Hosts Canadian Curling Championship

Ron Burgundy has truly changed how movies are advertised, appearing in many Dodge commercials and even a traditional newscasts in


Human Curling Bic Razor Commercial

Bic definitely went outside the box when making this new commercial. Curling is already a strange sports. But to really