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Radio Host Pranks Co-Host Pretending To Cuss On Air

Around the world, it's common knowledge that you can't just say anything on the radio. That got radio host Alex Duffy


Realistic Relaxing Meditation Guide With A Filthy Mouth

After a long hard week of work, it's nice to sit in a comfy chair and play a meditation video


Ultimate News Bloopers Of 2013 Compilation

NSFW Language It's been a crazy year on television. You'd think in this day and age with the aid of


The Worst Thing You Ever Heard Your Mommy Say

Jimmy Kimmel Live often has great viral success online with his camera crew interviewing passersby on Hollywood Blvd series, and this


Hugh Laurie And Stephen Colbert Recite Obscenities

NSFW language  The four big broadcast networks are arguing to the FCC that cable is stealing their thunder as cable


Crazy Lady Steals Rhubarb

NSFW Language This week old video by Remote Laughter is trending more than ever, especially after being parodied by Conan. The video


Roommate Curses After Messing Up On Guitar

NSFW Warning - Language We've all been there. For whatever reason, we get a sudden surge of inspiration to finally


Jesse Pinkman Saying B*tch Compilation

NSFW Warning - language Breaking Bad continues to be one of the most popular cable shows of choice for the


Ultimate F-Bombs On The News Blooper Compilation

NSFW Warning - Language When a news-person slips up and swears on the air on accident, there's just something so much more


Religious Teens Walk Out Of Dan Savage Speech At High School Journalism Convention

NSFW - language  Famous LGBT advocate Dan Savage is well known for stepping on a few toes while trying to


Two Year Old Says F-You Instead Of Vacuum

Ahh, the joys of learning to talk. This dad takes advantage of his two year's adorable accidental swearing by posting


Reporter Freaks Out Covering Traffic: What’s The Big F***ing Deal?!?

NSFW - Lanuage Sometimes on the news, the dramatic intro music and graphics are more exciting than the actual content.