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Baby Elephant Loves The Rain

Elephants are used to pretty weather, nice and sunny. So you can imagine what happens when rain comes pouring down.


Bodies (Grandma Remix)

You're as old as you feel, and this definitely applies when you're listening to music. Dance and sing like nobody's


Best Pets Of The Week

Pet videos are good any day of the week, and the internet knows it. So it's only logical to make


But I Was Chewing on That!

Good boy gets his favourite chewing toy taken away and you won't believe what happens next! The toy magically connect


Dog Tries Waking Up A Sleeping Pig

Dogs and pigs aren't the most usual friends, but these two prove it possible. Still highly unlikely, but possible. A


The Snoring Little Duck

If you ever slept next to someone who isn't afraid of a little snoring, you know it gets on your


Squirrel Enjoying Some Fancy Lunch

The cold times can be hard on a squirrel, so when you get your little claws on something as delicious


Little Foster Puppy Throws A Tantrum

If this little puppy doesn't get his way, you better hide. He will unleash fury on you and on everyone


Genius Dad Builds Backyard Luge Course

It's freezing cold outside, so all the kids are in the house. Gone is the quiet and the peace. So


Dog Gets Back Her Cancer Test Results (Adorable!)

And she couldn't be happier! Her mom tells her a suspenseful story, but deep down she already know what's up.


The Dog Wants On The Sled Too

When you have a dog you have to think about them all the time. What they need and where they


Beagle Puppy Learning How To Howl

Okay, this is going straight to the top charts of cutest video of the year. Look at that adorable puppy