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Cats like games too! What's better fun then smack at your boss' fingers? It can be confronting though, learning that


Best Pets Of The Week

Pets are almost always good boys. But some boys (or girls) are just better. They are cute, sweet, loyal and


Baby Goat Making The Cutest Noise

Baby goats are adorable, I think we can all agree on that. But what if I told you they are


This Boxer Is Her New Best Friend

Nothing feels better as a parent than your baby and your dog getting along famously. These two are on the


Sea Otter Tries Sleeping On His Mom

For us, moms are pretty freaking important. And I have a feeling they are pretty important for otters as well.


Nothing Can Beat A Baby Laugh

I mean, do I even need to add a description? You know a baby's laugh is going to cheer you


Propose To Your Girlfriend Through Mario Maker

To be honest, you both have to be kind of nerdy for this to have its desired effect. But when


More Catnip!!1!

Is there anything cuter than a cat nipping on some cool beverage? She licks as if her life depends on


Best Twin Baby Surprise For Grandma

I'm not a grandma myself, but I can imagine the most precious moments of my life will be the time


Goat Triplets In Sweaters

Is there anything cuter than these fluffy guys? Their fur prevents them from getting cold already, but their owner didn't


Father Sticks Up For Teen Daughter’s Dress Code

Usually as a traditional dad, you'd want your daughter to dress as conservative as you can get away with, but


Pulling A Tooth Using A Live Squirrel

Squirrels are one the cutest animals alive, if you ask me, but who knew they were so useful as well?