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Menu Music Makes Dad Mad

Menu Music Makes Dad Mad

[rumble][/rumble] I was joking around, playing the Wii music really loud to annoy my dad! I ended up getting him…

Genius Dad Builds Backyard Luge Course

It's freezing cold outside, so all the kids are in the house. Gone is the quiet and the peace. So…

When You Can’t Find Your Ringing Phone

I'm sure we all recognise the hasty feeling of being called, but your phone is nowhere to be seen. What…

Father Sticks Up For Teen Daughter’s Dress Code

Usually as a traditional dad, you'd want your daughter to dress as conservative as you can get away with, but…

Dad Joins His Son In Class To Teach Him A Lesson

What do you do as a dad to teach your son a lesson about school? Remember how you were embarrassed…

Just A Dad Unknowingly Blowing Leaves

There are certain chores you do as a dad that are pretty cool to do. Blowing leaves is one of…

Unreal Dad’s Instinct

They say becoming a dad changes a man's life. They might be onto something, as we see here. This young…

Oh, Your Halloween Candy? I Ate It.

Jimmy Kimmel probably isn't dad of the year. [embed][/embed]

How To Support Her Through Pregnancy

Some very handy advice on how to make the best of your love's pregnancy. [embed][/embed]

Dad Sings The Sweetest Song To Baby

And she's loving every second of it! [embed][/embed]

Best Dance-Off Ever

Dad is killing it! [embed][/embed]

How To Take Naps In The Pool

The dad who's ages before his time.


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