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Conan Becomes A Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Conan O'Brien may love his job as a late night host, but his true dream is to be a beauty


Dad Takes Kids On Adorable Laundry Basket Sled Ride

Snow is rare in Dallas, Texas. So when it snowed last December in Dallas, Eric McGehearty had no sleds for his


500 Foot Basket From Top Of Reunion Tower

The trick shot masters of Dude Perfect took their antics to the next level in this latest video.  With special permission, they


Huge Hail During Dallas Tornado Storm 4/3/12

Severe weather has struck the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas today. Several tornadoes touched down, tearing through urban areas. Hail the size


US Immigration Accidently Deport American Teenage Girl To Columbia Who Won’t Give Her Back

It's been a while since the US government has embarrassed themselves in a grand way, but this newest gaffe that just surfaced


Runaway Golf Cart Runs Over People At Cowboys Stadium

A crowd of people standing on the field of Cowboys stadium were bowled over when a golf cart with a


Dallas Cowboy Tackles Cheerleader

Dallas Cowboys Tight End Jason Witten caught a short pass, and ran for the first down when he was chased out


Local Fox News Fails At Explaining Planking

Planking is the pointless, yet viral sensation of lying stiff as a board in strange and random places, and posting


Fire At Rihanna Concert

During Rihanna's concert in Dallas last Friday, there was a malfunction and the pyrotechnics above the stage caught fire. No