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Dancing with Donald Duck

Dance Off With Donald Duck What a great video clip we have today. You need to see this nice and


Epic Grad School Dance Battle – Boys Vs Girls

ScottDW again proofs himself to be an awesome filmmaker who can make the lamest things look pretty cool. But to


Kid Unexpectedly Wins High School Dance Off

Some kids in school are just cool while others just don't seem that hot. That's what makes this video by Vincent Manghise so


Daddy-Daughter Dance Battle Is Adorable

Sharidon Johnson was working on the new carpet in his family room and had some classic hip hop playing to make


Harry Potter VS Twilight Dance Battle

What happens when Harry, Ron, and Hermione bump into Bella and the vampires Edward, Jacob from Twilight? There can be only


Impromptu Dance Off Between Boy And Stadium Usher During Detroit Pistons Game

Everybody loves the 'dance cam' during the break at sporting events.  During the Detroit Pistons home game against the Knicks, an impromptu


Taekwondo Match Turns Into Dance Battle

Korean YouTuber 동훈 허 posted this hilarious martial arts video in February, but the clip is trending now more than ever after