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Katy Perry Just Dance 2 Fireworks Trailer

Now you can dance like Katy Perry, but I don't see how this can be a video game. If you're…

Alphonso Smith Dances Like Carlton Banks For Touch Down Celebration Dance

We all know and love Carlton Banks' dancing. Alphonso Smith also loves his dancing. After scoring a touch down, Alphonso…

Hugh Jackman Dancing Lipton Ice Tea Commercial

The Wolverine puts on a happier face. Hugh Jackman dances around drinking Ice Tea.

Dog Conga Line In China Led By Dog On Bicycle

The leader of the dog conga line rides a bike and the rest follow. The dogs are so cute and…

US Soldier Dancing With Afghan Children

Forget war, lets dance. This is how we can win over the Afghan people.  

Male Flight Attendant Dance You Can Dance If You Want to – Cebu Pacific Pre Safety Flight

Here's the male version of the viral flight attendants dancing to the pre flight safety instructions. Cebu Pacific made a…

Lady Gaga Dancing Flight Attendants Rehearsal – Cebu Pacific Air

Cebu Pacific Air became an instant Internet viral sensation when they danced the flight safety instructions to Lady Gaga and…

Fresh Prince Carlton Banks Dances The Teach Me How To Dougie Dance

Where did the Teach Me How To Dougie dance really originate? From Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air! Carlton's…

Midget Dancing, Lip Syncing Usher DJ Got Us Falling In Love

This dude rocks out to Usher's new hit song DJ got us falling in love Ft Pitbull. He goes crazy…

South Korean Slow Motion Break Dancing

This is incredible. His feet do not touch the floor forever.

Flight Attendants Dance To Lady Gaga Just Dance During Pre Flight Instructions On Cebu Pacific Flight

As more and more Airlines realize people don't pay attention to the flight attendant demos showing people how to buckle…

Beyonce Dancing At West Orange Block Party 9/18/10

There was block a block party where Jay Z's mom lives in West Orange. Jay Z and Beyonce were there to…



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