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Going HAM On Fiddle Music

These African kids got the moves. When you combine those skills with a sound they have never heard before (the…

Spiderman Dances Like There Is No Tomorrow

Even Spiderman would like a day off now and then. What better way to truly express yourself and free your…

Happy Flight!

Let's spice this flight up!

Best Dance-Off Ever

Dad is killing it! [embed][/embed]

A Dance Move For Every Occasion

Friday night at the club? Check. Birthday party of your little nephew? Check. [embed][/embed]

The Beat Is Pure Fire

Time for a break everyone, let's groove!

Oppa Catnam Style

When your cat likes to dance too.

Dorah Teaches Everybody In Traffic To Smile

Dorah takes great pride in her job as a traffic cop. She deeply values happiness in her daily life and…

A Scene Of La La Land From The Perspective Of A Pregnant Lady

Kyle Helf sent me a hint to his new parody video showing us a different perspective to the opening scene…

Jason Derulo And James Corden Dance With A Toddler As Their Instructor

Back in the day, all that mattered to be a famous musician was if you could sing or not. That is…

Random People Become Dance Captain Of Professional Dance Crew In NYC

Most of us are too scared to even dance with our friends, let alone in front of strangers. So Improv Everywhere decided…

Guy Performs Hilarious Dance To The Radio While Driving With Mom

Moretoki performs some hilarious dance moves to the radio while going for a drive with his mom.  



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