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Close Call

Sometimes you just can't find the brakes anymore.

World’s Most Dangerous Rope

You can do a lot of things with a rope. Handy things, sad things, funny things even. Imagine what you…

Testing New Drone Gets Dangerous Really Quick

Casually running when suddenly a wild bear appears. Noooope... Talk about extreme footage!

It’s dangerous to go alone – Take this

200,000 Sparklers Burnin At The Same Time

After the 10,000 sparklers burning a few weeks ago, we take this amount and multiply it with 20 to get…

Molotov Cocktail In Super Slow Motion

The popular British Slowmo Guys are back with another super slow motion video that has quickly gone viralviral. Playing with Molotov Cocktails…

Rudi Macaggi Balances Over Moving Buzz Saw- America’s Got Talent, Top 48

Howie was scared, but the rest of the audience was shocked and amazed by Rudi balancing over a moving buzz…



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