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Daniel Radcliffe Gets To See Many Lookalikes On The Graham Norton Show

Nearly 400,000 views for this highlight of a recent Graham Norton Show featuring actor Daniel Radcliffe and - Daniel Radcliffe,


Daniel Radcliffe Performs ‘The Real Slim Shady’ At Karaoke Bar

British actor Daniel Radcliffe was trending last week when he made a surprise visit to a magazine and worked as


Daniel Radcliffe Works As Receptionist For Nylon Magazine

Daniel Radcliffe is of course the boy who grew up playing the role of Harry Potter and actually ended up


Daniel Radcliffe Raps Alphabet Aerobics By Blackalicious And It’s Awesome

British actor Daniel Radcliffe is of course most famous for portraying Harry Potter, but he is quickly showing the world


Daniel Radcliffe Surprises Fans At A Movie Theater

Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, teamed up with BuzzFeed to surprise some dedicated fans. After fans watched Daniel's new movie What If,


Jimmy Fallon Plays ‘Sticky Balls’ With Daniel Radcliffe

As all his fans know, Jimmy Fallon loves playing games. The newest game he has introduced is called Sticky Balls. The


Daniel Radcliffe Really Is Harry Potter

Us muggles think that Daniel Radcliffe is just a regular muggle like us that acts as Harry Potter, but that