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Daredevil Climbs Pyramid Of Giza

The pyramids in Egypt are some of the most famous man-made structures in the world, standing with others like Stonehenge


Acrobatic Pilot Scaring His Friends Is Hilarious

Sebb Stratta has a very awesome job. He's an acrobatic pilot. Besides for having fun every day at 'work' he enjoys


Flying Snowmobile Is Crazy

The Finnish daredevils of Stunt Freaks Team weren't satisfied with simply hang gliding off of a cliff. So they decided to merge


Pilot Performs Epic Aerobatic Helicopter Tricks

Chuck Aaron isn't such a fan of gravity. So he's made it his mission in life to stand up to


World Record Base Jumping Off World’s Tallest Building, The Burj Khalifa In Dubai

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the world's tallest building. French daredevils Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet wanted to be the first


BMX Bike Ride Through The Mall Will Take You For A Wild Ride

This helmet camera video posted on Vimeo by Rick is a trip. Literally.  Watch through the daring rider's perspective as he barrels through


Extreme Paraglider Soars Over Europe

Daredevil Jean-Baptiste CHANDELIER takes paragliding to the extreme. In his newest viral video, he soars over the French and Greece skyline while


Red Bull Stratos Jump Multi-Angle Point Of View

A year ago, Red Bull made world headlines when they helped daredevil Felix Baumgartner jump from the stratosphere. That video


Russian Daredevil Jumps Off Mount Everest

Red Bull is well known around the world and online for celebrating all things extreme. They last made international headlines In


School Bus Drifting

The adrenaline obsessed dare devils at Nitro Circus are back with another sweaty, nerve racking, exciting video. A group of daring kids strapped into a very special, retrofitted


Red Bull Dare Devil Athletes Rube Goldberg Machine

Red Bull, known worldwide for celebrating all things extreme, has again gone viralviral. For their latest masterpiece, they again mix


Nitro Circus Crash Montage

Fail videos are obviously one of the most popular viral video genres online, but this latest trending clip isn't your