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Robots Falling Down At Robotics Challenge Will Calm Your Fears Of A Robotic Apocalypse

The DARPA Robotics Challenge in Pomona, California was just recently held. Scientists and engineers from around the world brought their most recent


Google’s Schaft Robot Wins Robotics Challenge Competition

The SCHAFT robot performed at this year's DARPA Robotics Challenge, and was one of the highlights from the competition. The Google owned robot


DARPA WildCat Robot Runs Fast Like A Cheetah

Boston Dynamics and DARPA collaborate to create state-of-the-art robots that may have utility in the military, such as for search and rescue


New Atlas Humanoid Robot From DARPA

The technological work of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency never ends. Their latest project in collaboration with Boston Dynamics has been ATLAS,


Big Dog Robot Picks Uy Cinder Block And Throws It

For years now, the Big Dog robot by DARPA and Boston Dynamics has been the star of several escalating viral


LS3 Walking Cargo Horse Robot

The genius robotic specialist nerds at Boston Dynamics and DARPA never quit. For years they have been working on four-legged autonomous walking robots.


DARPA Robot Traverses Obstacle Course

DARPAtv, or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, has again published a robot-themed viral video. For their latest robotic presentation, the new


Bipedal Robot Climbs Stairs

This week old video by DARPA, or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, has amassed over 310,000 views, and is featured on PopularScience.


Robot Cheetah Runs 18 MPH, A New Record

DARPA, or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is one of America's greatest innovating organizations. Recently, they have tested a new