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Heavy breathing – Darth Vader Cat


The Untold Truth Of Darth Vader

This video by Looper is trending right now, showing and explaining to us the truth about Star Wars character Darth


Dad Wakes Up Toddler Son Dressed As Darth Vader

In honor of the Star Wars holiday, May the Fourth, decided to prank his young toddler son by waking him up


The Imperial March In Major Key Sounds Delightfully Upbeat

Star Wars has some of the world's most iconic soundtracks and theme music. It's hard to find anyone in the


Darth Vader Helps Wife Tell Husband She’s Pregnant

On screen, Darth Vader is the evil Sith lord who is responsible for the loss of freedom for countless people and


Darth Santa Is Worse Than The Grinch

Everyone loves Santa Claus. What's not to love? For just a few cookies and a glass of milk you get


Darth Vader Fails Riding Travelbot

Sadly, we may not have hoverboards. But we do have the second best thing, the Travelbot. This quick and simple fail video


Batman VS Darth Vader Is A Nerd’s Dream

Nerds love to mash together their favorite franchises, so it's a wonder it took the Internet this long to think


Star Wars Jedi Babies Adorably Battle Over Cup Cake

Like most nerdy fathers, Oscar Rene wanted to introduce Star Wars to his kids at a young age. So he made this


Hot Wheels Unveils Life-Size Darth Vader Car

Darth Vader is the ruling Sith Lord of the Death Star, and even has his own special TIE Fighter. But


Little ‘Darth Lily’ Hugging Lego R2-D2 Is Adorable

The most powerful and menacing Sith was an attendee at this year's Emerald City Comicon. She is even more mighty than


Winnie The Pooh As Darth Vader Is Awesome

This video posted by Nimish Angela Thapar in 2013 is trending again now. At last years ConnectiCon Convention voice actor Jim Cummings graced a