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Darth Vader’s Facebook Look Back Film Parody

It seems the ubiquitous Look Back short films peppering Facebook are the newest meme to parody online. A spoof of


Darth Vader’s Theme In Beethoven Style

This video posted online by Improv Electronic in 2009 is trending again now. The musical clip features pianist Richard Grayson who improvises a


Lego Star Wars Celebrates Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day! To get into the spirit of the holiday, LEGO commissioned this Lego Star Wars video in which a


‘Star Wars Return Of The Empire’ Star Wars Disney Mash Up

Last week, Sam Macaroni published this parody of what the upcoming new Star Wars film made by Disney may be like,


Darth Vader Voiced By Arnold Schwarzenegger Parody

Seifer2846 published this Star Wars spoof video in September, but it has only started to trend now. Everyone knows that James


Navy Sailor Dressed As Darth Vader Surprises His Son At Star Wars Birthday Party

This emotional video was posted on the tear-jerking Welcome Home Blog over a week ago, but it has only seriously started to


Darth Vader Visits Disney Land After Star Wars Purchase Commercial

Nerds who care have been abuzz online after Disney announced their acquisition of Lucas Arts and the entire Star Wars franchise from


Playful Dog ‘Attacks’ Darth Vader In Star Wars Street Show

This nearly unseen three week old video by tobyclub1 has only gone viral today, after being featured on SayOMG, DailyOfTheDay, BIOTV,


Darth Vader Theme Played On Washing Machine

Leave it to a manly nerd to take something as domestic as laundry to honor the powerful Lord Vader. While


Brainstorming with Darth Vader for Disney’s Star Wars Weekends

Every year, Disney collaborates with Lucas Films to bring Star Wars Weekends to their parks. This year, Disney Idea Generator Matt


Volkswagen Dog Chasing New Beetle Star Wars Super Bowl Commercial

All big brand companies have big hype surrounding their multi-million dollar Super Bowl commercials. One of the most talked about is


Darth Vader In Commercials Compilation

Almost immediately after the original success of Star Wars, Darth Vader began appearing in commercials, and hasn't stopped since. Most