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Darth Vader Conducts Christmas Choir Flash Mob In College Library

Darth Vader is one of the most evil Sith in the galaxy, but just because you're evil doesn't mean you


Yes Man Darth Vader Trailer Mash Up

Darth Vader is the world famous Sith Lord who says, 'no,' a lot. He's been saying it since he was


Man Lightsaber Duels With A Darth Vader Chess Piece

Remember how ridiculous the Yoda and Count Dooku fight scene was in Star Wars: Episode 2? Tiny Yoda bounced around


Star Wars Dark Side Dubstep

Darth Sidious and Darth Vader are the evil leaders of the Galactic Empire. They are famous for killing people with


Darth Vader Goes To Disneyland

The Star Wars Star Tour is just opening in Disneyland. Darth Vader and his Storm Trooper posse came a little


Darth Vader Salsa Dancing With Trombone

Thank you Internet for still being able to shock me. I thought I saw everything, but I was wrong. I


Volkswagen Darth Vader Super Bowl Commercial Toyota Spoof

The Volkswagen Darth Vader commercial was the biggest hit of this years Super Bowl. Nerd or not, people loved the cute mini Darth Vader


Darth Vader Playing The Fiddle

After the Death Star blew up, Vader was out of a job for a while. He went so low as


Darth Vader Recites Justin Bieber’s Song Baby To Luke

Who knew Vader had such a soft side to him? James Earl Jones read the lyrics to Baby by Justin


Volkswagen Darth Vader Commercial Super Bowl 2011

One little dude dressed as Darth Vader tries to us the Force on anything he can, but his powers are


Star Wars Beethoven Style

This rendition of the famous Darth Vader theme is accurate and articulate. It has a Beethoven feel to the chilling


Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – NEW Luke Building His Lightsaber Missing Scene

Here we see a short missing scene from Return Of The Jedi. Darth Vader calls to Luke telepathically, and we