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Sheriff’s Deputy Jumps Onto Moving Semi-Truck To Save Unconscious Driver

In the movies, jumping onto a moving car is no big deal. But in real life it can be extremely dangerous,


Cop Is Shocked When Older Man He Pulled Over Does THIS

As the TV show COPS constantly demonstrates, the police have seen it all. But Officer Nic Abts-Olsen of the Seattle Police Department was


Reckless Driver Crashes Into Guardrail After Attempting To Hit Other Drivers

While driving south down I-89 in New Hampshire, a driver of a green Honda Civic attempted to crash into TheInvisibleProject. Thankfully the


Dash Cam Captures Moment When Motorcyclist Wipes Out On Highway

Jonny Five was driving in morning traffic on I-5 in San Diego when a motorcyclist wiped out right in front of


Semi-Truck Incredibly Swerves Around Van At Last Second In Traffic

Most of us detest getting stuck in traffic, but when compared with other countries we should really count our blessings. Traffic


Tesla Autopilot Stops Right Before Impending Accident

The Internet has a serious crush on Tesla. And why not? The high tech electric car company was built from


Motorcyclist Stops Traffic To Save Small Kitten

Have you ever been driving down the road and a squirrel runs across the street? It's a terrible feeling when


Lamborghini Spontaneously Catches Fire In Dubai Traffic

Dubai is one of the richest countries in the Middle East. As a result, it is a hot bed for


This Is What Happens When Bear Spray Goes Off In The Car On The Highway

If you are confronted by a bear in the wild, your chances of survival are pretty slim. Besides for a good


Dashcamera Captures Moment Small Airplane Lands On Busy California Avenue

Now that cameras are so prevalent everywhere these days, more and more unique and otherwise ridiculous random scenes are being


Dash Cam Captures Meteor In Thailand

Seeing a fiery meteor fall out of the sky is rare enough. But Porjai Jaturongkhakun somehow managed to captured the event on


Flashing Street Lights Make The Highway A Rave

ChangDashCam was driving down the highway when they noticed the streets lights were malfunctioning. They were all flashing off and on.