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Russian Electric Power Plant Explosion Looks Like Science Fiction Scene

This dash-cam video from Russia starts off innocent enough. The scene opens with someone driving in traffic on the Russian


Baby Rolls Off Stroller In Russia

As per usual, this ridiculous video originates in the former Soviet Union. A driver with a dash cam stopped at


Scam Artists Are Caught On Dash Camera Backing Up Into Car Then Claim They Are The Victims

The title of this video is appropriately, 'Why It's Good To Have A Dash Camera,' and it's not hard to


Driver Safely Passes Through Blizzard Highway Car Crash Pile Up

NSFW - Language. Driving in snowy and icy conditions is always a bad idea, but if you have to travel


State Trooper Pulls Over, Arrests Sheriff For DWI

This video clip was posted online in 2010, but just had a recent viral surge. Viral videos of police corruptions


Florida Highway Trooper Pulls Over Miami Cop Speeding 120 MPH

A Miami cop was caught speeding down the highway in excess of 120 mph with no call or emergency to


Head On Collision Caught On Czech Police Car Dash Camera

Passing a car on a two way street is always a dangerous move. Add in rain, and a curving road,


Police Car Accidently Hits Bear Cub

So you're a Tennessee deputy policeman finishing up a late night patrol of the back roads. You might be looking


Driver Records Tsunami Hitting His Car

Footage from the devastation in Japan is still coming out. A Japanese driver was recording on his dash cam when


Avalanche Hits Car Caught On Camera

Some dudes drive to Tahoe in white out conditions recording their adventure. All of a sudden a mini avalanche smashes the car


Semi Crashes Into On Coming Traffic, Almost Hits Car Recording The Scene

For some strange reason, whenever someone is recording the open road, craziness occurs. Watch on the left as a semi