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Ed Sheeran Once Took LEGO To A Date

Even if you don't happen to fancy the music of recording artist Ed Sheeran you have to like him as


Grandfather Goes On Tinder Dates

As most people now know, Tinder is the extremely popular dating 'hookup' app that connects you with people in your


Tiny Hamster Has An Adorable Tiny Valentine’s Day Date

Humans aren't the only ones celebrating their love this Valentine's Day. Hello Denizen loves their cute hamster, so they set up an


Instant Date Prank

YouTube prankster Stuart Edge teamed up with magician Jarek and singer Tiffany Alvord to pull off an epic social experiment.  With a hidden crew, they


Long Story Short I Had a Movie Date Short Film

There are few things more nerve wracking than a first movie date with a cute girl from class. As Long Story


Farting On The First Date Prank

Countless things can go wrong on a first date, but few can compete with an upset, gassy stomach.  With that


How Guys Will Use Google Glass On Dates

Most people had a few ideas what they would do with the new Google Glass device after seeing the new


Blind Date Prank

Adorably awkward Tommy went viralviral back in October with his Asking Girls Out Using Taylor Swift Lyrics video.  Now, he's back again to woo


Speed Dating

NSFW - content, language Anyone who has been on the dating scene for more than a few months all have


Surprise Elegant Date At Central Park

New York City based improv group ImprovEverywhere has struck again, bringing delight and joy to the unexpecting. Their latest mission to