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How To Hack Your Friend’s Tinder

Megan shows you how it's done, so you can set your friends up or ruin their love-life completely. [embed][/embed]

This Probably Is Your Tinder Profile, Right?

With Tinder receiving some backlash lately, this video about online dating was bound to happen. [embed][/embed]

Ugly Dates Only

How is there no one pretty in around me?!

Tinder Couple Finally Gets Acquainted After 3 Years

They're pretty cute together right? [embed][/embed]

Lonely Drake

I just bought you a drink, acknowledge me!

How Was Your Blind Date?

They want to know all about your date, and every little detail matters!

100 People Share Their Favorite Pick Up Line

Pick up lines are usually cheesy as hell, but I did learn a thing or two watching this guide with…

Tinder: The Superhero Movie Fake Trailer

Superhero movies have become a staple at the cineplex. It's hard to go out to watch a movie without at…

UW Madison Snapchat Love Story

Just when you thought you were on top of all the 'cool' smartphone apps a new one pops up to become…

Dating In LA Is The Worst

Dating is the worst. But it's especially bad in big hipster centers like LA. Sketch comedy channel Only in HelLA has finally…

If Video Game Characters Used Tinder

What if video game characters had smartphones? They would most likely use the popular dating app Tinder. The video game…

I’m A Creepy Short Film Demonstrates Just How Hard It Is For A Guy To Approach A Girl

Most people assume that it's no big deal for a guy to approach a girl he thinks is cute and…


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