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Single-Celled Organism Dying

Single-Celled Organism Dying The microscopic world is one of the most interesting subjects you hear about in school. This video


Could You Survive A Falling Elevator?

The SciShow answers the question everyone from us who already got to notice some weird noises in an elevator thought.


How Does A Planet Die?

Some really strange piece of knowledge comes from Life Noggin who explain to us how a planet dies. About 900,000


Billy on the Street Tells People Seth Rogen Died – Who’s With Him As A Camera Man

It seems like the headline says it all. 300.000+ views on this one yet. "Watch Billy hit the Street with

Super Mario: Underground Shows What Happens When Mario Dies

Nukazooka show us what happens after you fell down a hole, playing Super Mario. That poor little plumber... But on