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SNL Recreates Brooklyn Democratic Debate

Finally, the presidential debates for both the Democrats and Republicans are over. So for the last time, Saturday Night Live had Larry David return


Marco Rubio Repeats The Same Line Four Times At Debate

Last night there was yet another presidential debate, this time for the Republicans. We all know that politicians like to


Trump Debates Himself On Late Show With Stephen Colbert

As most people who follow politics know, Donald Trump bailed on the most recent Republican Presidential Debate that aired on


Republican 2015 Presidential Debate Real Slim Shady Rap Battle

Even though the 2015 Republican Presidential debate hosted by Fox News and Facebook took place a couple months ago, this


Bad Lip Reading Of The First 2015 Democratic Debate

With the end of 2015 near, everyone has an eye on the upcoming presidential election. All of the debates for both


Bernie Sanders Plays The Bongos

To the surprise of many political pundits, Bernie Sanders has become the front runner for the Democratic presidential candidate. Comedians


SNL Recreates The 2015 Democratic Debate

After the Republican debate that Trump was the spotlight of, everyone was psyched for the Democratic debate which was last week. Saturday Night


Bad Lip Reading Of The 2015 Republican Debate

After a long hiatus, the Internet's most popular lip dub channel, Bad Lip Reading, has returned. As most viewers already know,


Mom Calls C-SPAN To Rebuke Her Debating Political Pundit Sons

Brothers Brad and Dallas Woodhouse are both interested in politics, but sit on the complete opposite sides of the aisle.


Toddlers Adorably Debate The Weather

Could the weather get any cuter? In this precious video by Tara Willmott that has instantly gone viral, a toddler boy and


Who Won The First Lady Debate?

After producing a knockout viral video featuring passersby who gave their opinions of the Presidential Debate before the actual debate, Jimmy


Jimmy Kimmel Asks Fools Who Won The Presidential Debate Before The Actual Debate

In sync with the current politic excitement, Jimmy Kimmel wondered what reactions he would receive if he sent a camera crew to the