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Remix Musicians Collaborate With Pizza Delivery Guy

Australian musicians Mashd N Kutcher were hungry for some pizza, so they ordered some delivery. When the deliveryman arrived, they decided


Packages Fall Out Onto The Road After FedEx Truck Driver Forgets To Close Door

Sadly, some kids might be missing their gifts this year. No, Santa didn't lose their gifts. It was the FedEx man.


Adorable Four Year Old Becomes UPS Driver For A Day

Little Carson has been obsessed with the UPS man for most of his life. Now, he has become best buddies


Ultimiate FedEx Delivery Fails Compilation

Whenever a customer catches a FedEx delivery-person throwing or damages parcels on camera, the video almost always goes viral. The Internet


Pizza Delivery Guy Throws Pizza Up To Third Story Window

Talk about extreme fast delivery! Thomas Scott Oldbury recorded one pizza deliveryman hand-tossing a pizza up to the customer's window three stories high.


Conan Delivers Chinese Food in NYC

Conan visited his good old home back in New York City, and lucky for use, he brought the camera crew.