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Delta’s Flight Safety Video Is Packed Full Of Internet Memes

Delta isn't the first commercial airliner to publish a flight safety video that was made for the Internet, but they sure


Delta’s 80’s In-Flight Safety Video

Air New Zealand and Virgin America have gone viral in the past with entertaining themed flight safety videos. Delta has learned from their


Delta Spoofs Lily’s Disney Surprise Viral Video To Promote New Personal Electronics Policy

Remember the adorable Disney surprise for Lily viral video? Mom and dad gave Lily the birthday present she always wanted,


Penguins Walking Around First Class During Flight

Passengers of a Delta flight 1641 were lucky enough to have two very special guests join them on their journey


Airline Package POV

When you fly, you hand over your precious belongings to the ticket agent, and don't think about your luggage until


Man Proposes To Girlfriend On Delta Flight

Flying was once a special occasion that people would actually get dressed up for. Today, on the other hand, it's


Man Claims Delta Employees Peed In His Luggage

Last Saturday, this Brit flew on Delta from London Heathrow to Minneapolis. He was expecting to have a nice long trip


Kanye Performs Gold Digger On Delta Flight

Lucky Delta passengers enjoyed a special performance by Kanye West on November 5th. Kanye rapped his famous Gold Digger song