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Bad Lip Reading Of The First Presidential Debate

Bad Lip Reading, the YouTube channel that puts very incorrect words into famous people's mouths, continues to grow in popularity. So naturally,


Mitt Romney Style Spoofs Gangnam Style

With voting day 2012 comes closer and closer everyday, more politically themed viral videos are going viralviral. Playing on the


Sarah Silverman Voter ID Suppression PSA

NSFW Warning - Language Sarah Silverman is back in the political spot light after her latest video concerning possible voter suppression


Romney Girl Spoofs Obama Girl

Everyone online remembers Obama Girl in 2008 who helped push the Chicago senator even further into the spotlight and, eventually, into the


Son Comes Out To His Conservative Parents As A Democrat

Ryan Combe is trying to run for Congress as a Democrat where they make conservative people. Utah. He needs all the help


Obama Boy – I Have A Crush On Obama

Obama Girl changed how campaigns were run in 2008, taking what was once a battle fought on television and radio


The Story Behind ‘Fired Up! Ready To Go!’

"Fired up! Ready to go!" is probably the second most famous catch phrase of the Obama campaign, just behind "Hope


FDR’s Sarcastic Political Commercial

in 1936, FDR was running for reelection. He gave this sarcastic speech pointing out what conservatives will say. The political speech is


Barack Obama BBQ 2011

CollegeHumor made another mock Barack Obama BBQ. During the party, all of the past year's political events are brought up


Congresswoman Recites White Stripes Lyrics In The House

Congresswoman Donna Edwards from Maryland has a little speech made out to her Republican colleagues. She takes a quote from the


First Barack Obama Presidential 2012 Ad Commercial

The Republicans struck first with their faux Barack Obama presidential ad. They made a sarcastic version of a Democratic commercial.


Michael Moore Speech In Wisconsin Concerning Unions

Proud liberal Michael Moore felt so strongly for the rights of Wisconsin, and American unions, that he flew to Madison