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Why Red Means Republican And Blue Means Democrat

For me as a foreigner US politics are highly interesting - and soo different. So perhaps you already knew, why


Bad Lip Reading Of The Democratic National Convention

The Democrats made history by choosing Hillary Clinton as their nominee weeks ago, but Bad Lip Reading has only now debuted this hilarious


Forward. – Barack Obama 2012 New Slogan

BarackObama changed the way politicians campaign in 2008 by being the first to truly take advantage of the Internet, spreading viral


Barack Obama And Jimmy Fallon Slow Jam The News

The President has finally returned to television after a lengthy hiatus, and wisely chose Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to


The Road We’ve Traveled Barack Obama Documentary Trailer

Tom Hanks narrates this official trailer for The Road We've Traveled, a documentary of the Barack Obama presidency. The full


Alan Grayson Explains Occupy Wallstreet Protesters

As the #OccupyWallStreet protest continue to grow, the media struggles to understand the movement. Right wing media has been quick


Christian Heckler Interrupts Obama Speech

At a fundraising event, Barack Obama was about to start speaking when a heckler started screaming about Jesus Christ as


Rep. Markey Makes Fun Of Repulicans Denial Of Science

The Democrat, Edward J. Markey, from Massachusetts rips the GOP for trying to repeal a bill that states pollution harms people