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Fort Lauderdale Power Plant Demolition

Fort Lauderdale, Florida is taking the proper steps towards a brighter and cleaner 21 century. After half a century of…

Bridge Implosion In Marble Falls, Texas

Over the weekend, Ando22RE published this video of a bridge demolition in Marble Falls, Texas. After being a second late of the…

Amway Arena Demolition

The Amway Arena was demolished on Sunday, and NBC-WESH channel 2 in Orlando, Florida got the perfect shot of the action.…

Demolition Of Power Plant Cooling Towers In England

Remember the British PSA with animated collapsing cooling towers that went viral in February? Well this very real demolition of…

Demolition Gone Wrong Hits Power Lines

In Dayton Ohio a demolition turns to disaster as the tower they are trying to bring down goes the wrong…


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