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1000 People Eat 1000 Ghost Hot Chili Peppers

Ghost chilies are famous in the culinary world as the hottest hot peppers on the planet. You have to be


Original Titan Paternoster Elevator Is Really Cool And Really Unsafe

Heritage Elevators published this interesting video of an antique elevator in motion in 2011, but it is trending again now. The chain-driven Paternoster


Powerful Winds Destroy Wind Turbine

Wind turbine generators often have a safety breaker to protect the blades when winds become too strong. But this windmill in Djursland,


Obama Complimenting Different Countries With The Same Idioms Supercut

In a recent episode, Danish TV show Detektor mocked President Obama over using the same two compliments when meeting with heads of state.


Star Wars In Copenhagen Toys R Us Commercial

When they say that Star Wars has come to Copenhagen, Denmark in this Toys R Us commercial, they mean it.


First Gentleman Of Finland Caught Peeking At Princess Mary Of Denmark

Even though nearly all European monarchies ended their rule years ago, most countries kept the ruling families as their unofficial


Two Dancers Perform Robot Dubstep Dance At Talent Show

Dubstep has broken out in real life. Like on this talent show in Denmark where two dancers show the world