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Grown Man Cries That He’ll Lose His Head After Dental Procedure

There are literally countless videos of people on YouTube tripping out after a dental procedure in which the medications are…

Tooth Fairy In Real Life Prank Is Adorable

Yousef of FouseyTube planned an adorable prank at his brother's dental office. When kids were sat down in the dental chair,…

Stan Lee Rants About The Dentist

Superhero creator Stan Lee has a bone to pick with dentists. He doesn't mind the actual painful procedures, or even…

Emile Hirsch After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

'After dentist' videos of people talking funny after anesthesia are always  popular online. Of course David After Dentist is the most famous,…

Older Sister Pulls Brother’s Tooth Out With Mini Motorcycle

I remember so many cartoon's showcasing ridiculous ways to yank a loose tooth out. It seems every kid's show has…

Japanese Robot Dental Patient

Japan is always churning out new robots. Their latest is a dental patient for dentist in training to practice on.…


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