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What is a Metal Print?

4 August, 2021



Happiness Is An Illusion

Don't fall for it people.

How To Get Through This Week

Never be afraid to ask for help.

Depressed Guy Perfectly Personifies Turning 30 Years Old

When you're young everything seems possible. It's hard to be a pessimist when you're in your 20's. But something powerful…

‘No Friends’ Intro Parody Is Super Depressing

Some shows like Friends simply personify the 90's. It truly is a perfect example of a successful upbeat sit-com. Apparently…

Full House Without Michelle Is Really Sad

Imagine if Danny Tanner's youngest daughter, Michelle, was entirely a figment of his imagination. What if he didn't only lose…

The Most Depressing Chili Cheese Video Recipe Ever

Steven Reed, the host of Weber Cooks, maybe the saddest 'cooking show' host ever. He has just gone viral with his…

Depressing Man Makes Chili For One

Henry's Kitchen is a show just for Henry. He forever alone. Today, he is going to make a chili for…



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