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26 November, 2020



2013 Rap Up Wrap Up Music Video

Last year, popular YouTube rap star DeStorm Power closed the year with his 2012 Rap Up and amassed over 1.5 million views. …

PSY Cameos In ‘DJ Play My Song’ By Gregory Brothers And DeStorm

DJ's are often introduced into pop music lyrics when the author runs out of words that will rhyme. The singer will…

DeStorm Featuring Ray William Johnson Invincible Music Video

The web's most popular, and arguably most hated, YouTuber Ray William Johnson cameos, along with Chester See, in popular YouTube rap artist DeStorm's new feature…

One Pinky Pull Up Fake

Like all outrageous videos online, viewers are up in arms whether this fitness video is real or not. Popular online…

2012 Rap Up Wrap Up Music Video

Like so many others, popular YouTube rapper DeStorm closed 2012 with a special end-of-the-year wrap up piece. He went full meta and produced his…

Christmas Sweatz Music Video

Christmas Sweatz,  the new Christmas themed music video by popular YouTubers Rhett and Link, is going especially viralviral for being…

Pocket Like It’s Hot Music Video Commercial Stars Snoop Dogg

The marketers at Hot Pockets have learned from so many other brands that if you put in the right effort, and don't…

Rap Song Made From Famous Book Titles

YouTube rapper DeStorm takes challenges from his hundreds of thousands of fans every week of difficult topics or themes to rap about. His…



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