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Destruction At Its Most Satisfying, Surprisingly.

Certain things are inexplicably satisfying. When it comes to the demolition of buildings you might think dynamite would please you


Crushing Vice And Other Tough Stuff With Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press Channel ups their game and destroy some serious stuff (and already got over half a million views on


Can A Volcano Destroy The World?

Over 600,000 views on this scientific explaination done by RealLifeLore about the power of volcano disruptions. "Volcanoes get pretty strong,


Crushing Adamantium With Hydraulic Press

Another taste of the hydraulic force. Or not? Mutant style! This video got over 1.2 million views within it's first


Razor Spinner Top VS Redbull

High speed spinners are fun - but can some added razor blades also add some fun to it? At least


Crushing Prince Rupert’s Drop With Hydraulic Press

After a bullet fired at a prince rupert's drop a few weeks ago, this time the people behind the Hydraulic


Over-Inflating Footballs In Super Slow Motio

The Slow Mo Guys let an american football explode - in style! "It's usually footballs that are doing damage to


1000 Degree Red Hot Rocket Knife

About two weeks ago we had the incredible fast 150mph rocket knife, now TheBackyardScientist replayed with the highspeed knife, except


Pulling Crashed Car Out Of The Ditch Goes Wrong

Oh noes! This poor little BMW E36 got from the road and if that wasn't enough, the whole rescue did


Snapping A Steel Rod 1000x Slower

Another cool video of The Slow Mo Guys is trending right now with already over 900,000 views within it's first


Man Destroys Yellow Jacket Nest With Bare Hands

Nathan Tabuena uploaded this video of a fearless man destroying a wasp nest with his bare hands. Instead of lots


Liquid Nitrogen vs. Makeup

Yes, this whole liquid nitrogen thing is trending a lot recently. Even beauty vlogger seem to get around it now,