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Empty Detroit Lion’s Pontiac Silverdome Is Creepy

The Pontiac Silverdome was the former sports stadium for the Detroit Lions football team, and the Detroit Pistons basketball team. In 2002,


Elementary School Choir Covering ‘Happy’ By Pharrell Will Make You Smile

This adorable performance by the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences choir is trending as viewers simply can't watch without smiling. 


Hockey Fan Video Bomb Fail

This Detroit Red Wings fan's video bomb was such a fail, the Fox 2 news reporter on the street didn't


Jimmy Kimmel Invites Detroit Pistons Dancing Usher And Dancing Boy Onto His Show

Besides for Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel might be one of the biggest fans of the Internet on TV. He just loves


Impromptu Dance Off Between Boy And Stadium Usher During Detroit Pistons Game

Everybody loves the 'dance cam' during the break at sporting events.  During the Detroit Pistons home game against the Knicks, an impromptu


Fake Ryan Gosling Detroit Prank

Fake celebrity pranks never get old. The web just loves laughing at celebrity-worshiping fools, especially when the foolish end up


Detroit Firefighter Helmet Cam 2012 Compilation

Highland Park, Michigan firefighter HPZ1442 has an especially tough job. Not only is Detroit is a state of emergency politically and financially,


Kelly Clarkson Raps Eminem’s Lose Yourself At Detroit Concert

The original Texas-sweetheart American idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, donned on her sweatshirt and hoodie at a recent concert in Detroit


Lottery Winner Still Gets Food Stamps

People are outraged after WDIV reported on a woman who won a million dollars in the state lottery, but was still


Detroit Doesn’t Like Nickelback

Most Internet users know we may be from around the world with many opposing views, but we can all agree


Chilling Story Of Getting Shot In Detroit

Ross was just your everyday kid in Detroit. He knew to never to go the East Side, even the cops try


Detroit News Report On Failed Charlie Sheen Show

Fans did not enjoy Charlie Sheen's in person show. People even started to walk out. Charlie did not do himself