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Looking For Jurassic Park In New York City Prank

As a continuation of their silly Movies In Real Life series, prominent New York City based art group Improv Everywhere sent four


Terrifying Dinosaur Prank On Japanese TV

Korean YouTuber  승용 김 posted this short clip from a prank Asian television show in July, but the video is trending on


Everything Wrong With Jurassic Park

The headache inducing 3D reboot of Jurassic Park came and went rather quietly at the box office back in April. But fans


Honest Trailer Of Jurassic Park

Nerds are thrilled, or terribly disappointed, that Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park is returning to theaters in 3D. As the blockbuster is hitting the


Ultimate Jurassic Park Star Wars Mash Up

One Minute Galactica teamed up with Slacktory to publish this uber nerdy Star Wars vs Jurassic Park mash up. Thinking outside of the box,


Raptor Dinosaur Costume Prank

KHA Entertainment loaned YouTube prankster Roman Atwood one of their notorious raptor dinosaur costumes to terrify some New Yorkers. Passersby were shocked by


Velociraptor In Melbourne

Somehow, this outrageously nerdy video went two whole years before only going viral now over the weekend. A person walked


Jurassic Park Proposal Is Nerdy And Cute

Paleeoguy and his girlfriend are both paleontologists, and, unsurprisingly, love Jurassic Park. As a fun vacation, he surprised his girl with a trip


Robot Dinosaur Scares Zach

This adorable video from 2009 only went viral over the weekend, already amassing 60,000 views, and is featured on TastefullyO,


Little Girl Points Out Errors On Toy Dinosaur Packaging

Adorably bright four year old Stella is a true fan of science, especially dinosaurs. She's such an expert that she


Little Girl Screams This Is What A Dinosaur Feels Like

Sometimes, even if you have no idea what the context is, a video can still be adorable. Like this girl


Fake Dinosaur Scares School Children

There's been plenty of fake dinosaur videos online before. A huge T-Rex scares school kids at a school in the