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The best way to show you're the ultimate Disney fan you ask? Well, look no further. How about arranging the


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Disney Classic The Beauty and the Beast get the honest treatment

With Emma Watson's new adaptation of the old Disney classic The Beauty and the Beast coming out in 2 days,


Everything Wrong With ‘Up’ In 16 Minutes Or Less

Another hard truth by CinemaSins who disect Disney's animated movie "Up". "Up is one of the few Pixar movies we


Disney’s Zootopia As A Crime Thriller

If you thought "Zootopia" was to light, take this edit from by Bobby Burns from CineFix and enjoy the alternative


Honest Trailers – Moana

Another "Honest Trailer" by Screen Junkies going viral right now. This time they tell us the truth about "Moana", resulting


This Is The First Trailer For The New DuckTales Reboot

A first look at the new version of the beloved "DuckTales", premiering this summer on Disney XD. This video is


Did You Ever Notice These Disney Easter Eggs?

Screen Rant put together this trending compilation of hidden easter eggs in Disney movies that got over 160,000 views yet.


Beauty And Lord Voldemort

PistolShrimps put together this absurd mashup of "Beauty and the Beast" and "Harry Potter" trending right now with already over


Why Do Cartoon Characters Wear Gloves?

Vox eplains the trick behind the good old glove wearing cartoon characters. Over 2.6 million people have already seen this


10 Secrets About The Disney Pixar Universe That Will Blow Your Mind

Yep, the headline by Screen Rant is a little over the top, but at least the success shows that it


These Easter Eggs Connect All Pixar Movies

Disney revealed official information that all their Pixar movies are connected in some way. EMK HD uploaded this compilation of