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What is a Metal Print?

4 August, 2021



Toy Soldier Takes A Fall At Disneyland Parade

Madbasd was at Disneyland enjoying one of the many parades when a nightmare of Disney-proportions took place. One of the toy…

Farting On People At Disneyland Prank

Prankster Jack Vale makes a living pissing people off and posting the hilarious results on YouTube. One of his favorite…

Sophia Grace And Rosie To Disneyland And Rap About It On Ellen

Ellen's obsession with British dynamic duo Sophia Grace And Rosie seems like it will never end. She again hosted the girls…

Disneyland Footage Circa 1957

Disneyland opened in 1955 fulfilling the dreams of every little boy and girl. Now there was an actual place to…

Six Year Old Breaks Down After Disneyland Surprise

For many kids, a trip to Disneyland is the epitome of fun and happiness. But most kids can't go and are…

Darth Vader Goes To Disneyland

The Star Wars Star Tour is just opening in Disneyland. Darth Vader and his Storm Trooper posse came a little…

Little Girl Joins The Dark Side

In Disneyland, there is a very fun Star Wars section where lucky kids are chosen to participate in a little…



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