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How Mosquitoes Suck Your Blood Is Beyond Disturbing

Most people are shocked to learn that sharks and other large predators are not the leading killer of humans in the


Simpsons Couch Gag By Don Hertzfeldt

Have you ever wondered what the world will look like in the far distant future? Academy Award-nominated animator and filmmaker


Strange CGI Man Is Late For Meeting

Two years ago, David Lewandowski published a disturbing and bizarre computer animated short of a CGI man madly waving his arms and walking around


The Haunted Doll

In honor of Halloween, Richard Wiseman of Quirkology veered from his popular bets you will always win series to disturb viewers with The


The Most Horrifying Parasites

Popular education channel Asap SCIENCE has left viewers uneasy after reviewing the most horrifying parasites ever just in time for Halloween. These


Cop Fired for Speaking Out Against Ticket and Arrest Quotas

As most people hope, former Auburn police officer Justin Hanners joined the force to help his community, fight crime, and


How To Make Perfect Homemade Slime

Remember that nasty Nickelodeon GAK slime product from the 90's. Man, did it stink. But it was fun.  Popular Household Hacker has


Giant Spider Spooks Meteorologist

A giant spider appearing on the monitor made meteorologist Kristi Gordon of Canadian news channel  literally jump. And who could blame her?


Miley Cyrus We Can’t Stop Music Video

It's no surprise that pop princess Miley Cyrus has debuted an instant viral music video. What is surprising is that We Can't Stop


Man Saves Cat From Boa Contrictor

This disturbing video by Andres Gonzalez has gone viral. While in the jungle, a group of hikers discovered a cat in the


The Night Tour Short Horror Film

For their latest project, popular thriller/horror channel Black Box TV teamed up with prank obsessed Jesse and Jeana of the famous Boyfriend VS


Overly Attached Girlfriend’s Disturbing Mother’s Day Message

Remember Overly Attached Girlfriend? She originally went viralviral performing a creepy, stalker cover of Justin Bieber's hit single Boyfriend  and then