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Red Octopus Face Off With A Swimmer Crab

Sometimes nature can be cruel. And entertaining. ViralHog uploaded this video showing the food chain in action resulting in over


Beautiful Frozen Lake Free Dive

This spectacular video from the GoPro Awards shows some beautiful underwater images, near the frozen surface of a giant lake.


Huge Fish Steals Diver’s Fish And Drags Him Around

Man is the top of the food chain, but that's only because of our brains. One giant Goliath Grouper reminded one


Diver Stumbles Upon Pod Of Whales

While spearfishing off the coast of the small New Zealand island Little Barrier, Sam Galloway and his friends stumbled upon something much greater. A


Giant Whale Shark Bumps Into Diver

While diving in the Atlantic ocean Chris Coates was nearly eaten by a giant whale shark. His colleague attempted to warn


Diver Befriends Eel

This nature video was published by Central Florida Aquarium Society in the summer, but the clip has only gone viral now. Diver Valerie


Divers Have Surprise Encounter With Humpback Whale

Westh2o published this video in 2011, but it has only hit the viral video scene recently. While diving in the ocean,


Woman Free Dives With Great White Shark

Variables Production is outdoor clothing line Patagonia's new adventure YouTube channel. Their debut video has already gone viral. Spear fisher and Patagonia ambassador Kimi


High Diving Into A Kiddie Pool

Professor Splash jumps over ten meters into a kiddie pool at the University of Science and Technology in Norway. Is this