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United State Of Pop 2015 Music Compilation

Ahh December. The time of year when we all go over the best and the worst from the past twelve months. As…

United State Of Pop 2014 Pop Music Mash Up

There were countless hit pop songs this year, some slow and soulful, others catchy and fast paced. Somehow, music genius DJ…

United State Of Pop 2013 Mash Up

To close 2013, DJ Earworm created this mash up featuring the 25 biggest pop hits from the past 12 months. Songs by Macklemore, Rihanna, Bruno…

DJ Earworm Summer Mash Up 2013

Few things scream 'Summer!' like an epic pop music mash up. To appease the appetite of pop music lovers, popular…

‘United State Of Pop 2012’ Ultimate Pop Music Mash Up

Just like in real life, the web loves to remember the past year as New Year's approaches. Creating pop music…



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