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Britney Spears Gives DJ Pauly D A Lap Dance At Concert

When did Britney Spears' concerts go from hot girls dancing around and Britney singing, to a full blow burlesque show that is…

DJ Pauly D Miracle Whip Commercial

I don't get this commercial. Miracle Whip isn't for everyone; Jersey Shore famous, DJ Pauly D doesn't like Miracle Whip.…

Midget Dancing With Pauly D Beat That Beat

BeenerKenner dances online with DJ Pauly D. These lyrics make me sad for the world.

Vinny Imitates, Makes Fun Of DJ Pauly D From Jersey Shore

Vinny dresses as DJ Pauly D for Halloween, and imitates him perfectly. GTL.

DJ Pauly D Wearing DJ Pauly D Halloween Costume

Wow, my brain is melting. DJ Pauly D wearing a DJ Pauly D Halloween costume. Pretty crazy. I can't imagine the parents…



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