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DJ Trolls Crowd By Not Dropping The Bass

The best part of any dance music concert is when the DJ builds up the anticipation and then finally drops


Prankster Turns NYC Subway Car Into A Dance Party

Nearly everyone in New York City rides the subway. It's a cheap, quick, and convenient way to travel around the city. But


Chris Pratt Raps Eminem’s “Forgot About Dre”

Actor Chris Pratt of Guardians of the Galaxy visited Shade45 to talk it up with DJ Whoo Kid. While chatting, Chris brought


What DJs Do These Days

This video posted by FeisarMusic has instantly gone viral. The humorous video depicts what disc jockeys do these days. Apparently, not much at


DJ Fakes Mixing Music As Equipment Isn’t Even Plugged In

Miguel Angel Arellano Salazar posted this video a year ago, but it has only gone viral now, amassing over 900,000 views


DJ Cat Scratches Bob Marley

It's been a while since there's been a mega viralviral cat video. There's been a viralviral DJ Dog before, but


DJ Pranked With It’s Raining Men

This video from last winter only went viral now over the Labor Day weekend, amassing over 70,000 views in just


Good Morning America Remix By DJ Steve Porter

Popular YouTube remix artist DJ Steve Porter has returned to the net with his latest piece. After watching hours and hours of


DJ Dog Plays Along With Handler

This adorable video from last October just had a second surge in viewership after being featured by TastefullyO, CheezBurger, VideoGum, and


Miniature Dancing DJ Puppet Street Performance

This video from the summer just went viral now after being shared on Facebook, , and StuffIStole. An adorably tiny


DJ Performs Live Dubstep Show

The crazy, fast paced, electronic music known online as Dubstep continues to creep into real life. Dubstep is one of


DJ Kittens

Kittens are notoriously curious little buggers. They always seem to get themselves into trouble. Here are three curious kittens turned