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Smart Dog Fetching His Brother

German Shepherds earned their name because of their instinctual ability to herd other animals. With no sheep to herd, D Duff's German


Well Mannered Dog Eats Dinner At The Table

Most dogs can't help themselves. The moment a bowl of food is dropped down in front of them they go


Girl Teaches Her Dog To Meow Like A Cat

Sure, your dog can fetch a ball, and roll over. But can it do this? Paula Mendes has been teaching her dog


Smart Dog Catches Fish By Using Bread As Bait

Every kid learns at a young age that fish simply love bread. Who hasn't gone to the park with their


Puppy Really Loves First Taste Of Peanut Butter

It's common knowledge that although it's not really good for them, dogs simply love peanut butter. Dog owners will often give


Genius Uses Reverse Psychology To Have His Dog Take Medicine

Dogs are like kids. They always want what they can't have and they hate taking their medicine. Realizing this, genius dog


Little Girl Teaching Dog To Shake Is The Cutest

PawMyGosh features cute and cuddly pet videos, and they truly live up to their name. In this precious clip, three year


Smart Dog Plays Ping Pong

A well disciplined dog can be taught countless tricks, from fetching the newspaper in the morning, to catching a Frisbee, to


Smart Dog Fills Kiddie Pool For Herself

Charlie Ogard's six month old Labrador is more than just adorable, she's also very smart. Nearly all dogs enjoy a splash in


Parents Beg Baby To Say ‘Mama’ – Instead Their Dog Says It

Like every parent, Sam Giovanini and the rest of his family were trying to get their new born baby to speak, starting


Corgi Hate Hitting

Can't we all just get along. Even though Corgis aren't known for being assertive and protective compared to other breeds,


Dog’s Accidental Front Flip Is Perfect

Chai Dog is one excited puppy. In this viral video, the cute dog runs full speed at a flexible gate. Luckily for