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Well Trained Dog Gets Super Excited Before Dinner Time

Even the most well trained dogs usually can't help themselves. When food is brought out they just go crazy, it's


Dog Helps Carry Shopping Bags Into The House

Besides for paying for the bill, the worst part about grocery shopping is hauling all those shopping bags into the


Dog Plays Ping Pong

This new video by Beating Heart has gone viral this weekend. The clip features an adorable dog who somehow has learned


Dog Is Adorably Bad At Catching Food Compilation

Most dogs are very good at catching things with their mouth, especially when food is tossed to them. But Fritz Dog is


Smart Dog Helps With The Shoveling

Dogs are great with helping out around the house. With proper training, a dog can be taught to fetch the


Copy Cat Rolls Over Just Like Her Doggy Friends

Didga is one serious copy-cat. Her two Rottweiler roommates are good dogs, and roll over on command. But animal trainer


Smart Police Dog Gets Into Police Car And Closes Door By Himself

This video by Onetencrew Films was published in 2009, but has only gone viral now with over 750,000 new hits! Police train German


Adorable Four Year Old Girl Controls And Feeds Six Pit Bulls

Little Taysley may only be four years old, but she is already a dog whisperer in the making. In this


French Bulldog Puppy Shows Off His Dog Tricks

Most puppies aren't even house trained by twelve weeks. But Misa Mini's tiny french bulldog already knows a slew of dog


Dog Freezes When Picked Up

Jennie Kay Blair Ferguson's dad has an adorable little dog that really hates Daniel. Whenever Dan is around, the cute


Best Dog Ever Fetches Beer From Fridge

Everyone knows that dogs are man's best friend. But what about man's second best friend, beer? Josh Ace has brought the two


Well Behaved Dogs Exit Car One By One

These adorable dogs are very well behaved. After being driven into the woods for a fun nature hike, the dogs