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Adorable Dog Is Not So Good At Catching Treats

Taylor Alexander Stephens has been trying her best to train her cute Great Pyrenees dog to catch treats tossed at her in


Jumpy The Parkour Dog

Omar Von Muller is one of the best dog trainers on the Internet, and has raised Jumpy to have incredible


Amazingly Well Trained Jumpy The Dog Performs Specific Commands

Dog trainer Omar von Muller published this dog trick video at the end of 2013, but it has only exploded online


Eight Week Old Husky Puppy Already Knows Dog Tricks

This short pet video by Mistressdee1 was originally posted in 2012, but has gone viral again now.  At the time of the


Genius Dog Climbs On Counter, Opens Oven, Steals Chicken Nuggets

Rodd Scheinerman has one very smart, and daring, pet beagle.  While he was out of the room, he set up a


Lexi Performs Amazing Dog Parkour Tricks

Katerina727 rescued Lexi and has been training her ever since. Now, Lexi and her owners are ready to show the Internet


Inky The Dog Opens Door For His Friend

Maureen Gilronan's seven month old pooch hates to be away from his friend Scooby, so he's figured out a way


45 Cute Dog Tricks

Like so many dogs and their owners, adorable Jasmine and her human friend love to work on tricks together to post


Jumpy The Dog Performs Impressive Tricks

Dog trainer Omar von Muller is truly a master. With his canine buddy Jumpy at his side, the two demonstrate all the


Russian Pet Bear Performs Tricks

Countless copies of this video featuring a very well trained Russian bear are circling the web. Ironically, the Russian man


Determined Dog Retrieves Frisbee From Pool Without Entering The Water

German YouTuber Hundeallerlei posted this video of their well trained dog back in October, but it has resurfaced again now. The


Cowboy’s Well Trained Dog Is The ‘Best Listening Dog In World’

PetTube published this vintage pet video over the weekend, entitled The BEST Listening Dog in the WORLD, and already it has garnered over